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Family House In Pavilniai Regional Park

The custumer is a banker and antique book collector. A four member family house. In the Middle Ages the area, where the building is situated, was a cannon foundry. Customers bought a site where stood the old yellow brick lodge with a basement. Cleaning the plaster of a house revealed that the lodge had been built by ancient bricks which were made in a old Vilnius brick factories. Becouse of a historical and physical value of a house were considered to preserve it by wraping it with outer glass shape. Historical house structure have been carefully restored. Library of a collection of ancient books equipped in the basement of historical lodge. Read More

White Concrete Walls Home

November 15, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

Australian architects Tony Owen Partners is the creative force behind this amazing concrete house in Sydney, Australia. This contemporary concrete walls home was designed for a concrete contractor, who used his expertise to put a personal touch and built the house himself. The first thing you’ll notice are the contemporary curved concrete walls that characterize the home ’s exterior. Like windblown sails, these massive white walls give the house a light, airy, in-motion effect. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, the concrete and glass house features patios and terraces that abut floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing the outdoors in. Designed as a series of blocks, the house is must grander than it appears from street level. Read More

Casa Son Vida

November 9, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

This may not be your idea of a home but it is bold and fun, and it has certainly attracted wide media attention. The 8,500 square-foot Casa Son Vida is a cooperation between three powerhouses: Luxury residential developer Cosmopolitan Estates, eclectic Dutch designer and founder of Mooi, Marcel Wanders,, and award-winning Los Angeles, Switzerland and Hong Kong-based tecARCHITECTURE. Casa Son Vida is located in the Balearic Islands off Spain, on the Island of Mallorca, where humans have lived since 6000–4000 BC and where more recently, tourists have over-crowded every beach. But Casa Son Vida avoids the touristy kitsch and aims much higher. It is in the exclusive Son Vida community, just 15 minutes from the capital of Palma. Read More

Paraty House in Brazil

Elegant, calm, minimalist, clean and beautiful are among the adjectives that can be used to describe almost all of Marcio Kogan’s much-publicized and much-awarded residential masterpieces. The Paraty House, pictured here, is located on one of the hundreds of islands near the colonial town of Paraty, close to Rio de Janeiro. Before it was completed, Kogan predicted that it was to be his favourite house. Its simple premise is two large drawers pushed into the hill and connected by an internal staircase. Its elegance comes from the seamless link between indoors and out, from the use of native wood, stone and vegetation, and from the minimalist, sweeping vistas that make so many of Kogan’s houses appear as if they were either taking off or recently landed. Read More