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  1. According to my little understanding of how this works, extensions to historic structures in the UK are frequently encouraged to appear fragmented, making it easier to discern the original building from the new addition. I believe the idea is that it protects the historical objects’ integrity while not giving the new building the appearance of being a true historic piece?

  2. If you’re wealthy enough to possess that tower, you can probably sell it and relocate to a home that matches your needs instead of doing this nonsense.

  3. I make people think. Just match the stone, and history will be preserved. yada yada yada yada yada yad

    But be truthful. This is simply in poor taste. If you’re going to go to the trouble of renovating, at the very least make it seem nice. When compared to the rustic mossy stone of the castle, the sky blue cladding seems unattractive.

    I would have gone with the Exposed Wood Beam and White or a Shade of Brown Stucco look.

  4. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. What the hell happened to the flying finnegan? I’m serious. Why do the steps appear to be dollhouse steps? What’s the point of siding next to old stone? Why is baby blue so popular?

  5. “Jed, come see the addition Jethro constructed to the fancy dinin’ hall!” “Jed, come see the extension Jethro constructed to the fancy dinin’ hall!” Please pardon me while I go throw up.

  6. I looked about for a while. The tower dates from the 1500s and was possibly part of a bigger fortification. It’s located on a former family estate that was dismantled in the 1700s. The structure could have been used as a pigeon coop, a curing house, or anything else. Unlike the rest of the estate, it was preserved from ruin.

  7. So this was done in 2009, and while the color was authorized, the planning permit was not. On Google Street View, you can see it now, and they had to change the color. I’m not convinced it’s much better…

  8. Those triple-pane, low-E window inserts are incredible. Those are going to significantly help with the drafts that make living in a castle so difficult.

  9. Oh, yes, I recall my Black Forest tower-outpost. I felt completely secure! A rock foundation!
    Then a troll noticed me and ripped out half of it in one hit.

  10. My partner’s uncle owns the land on which it sits, as well as the adjoining farm. From their farm, you can see the tower. It’s Uplawmoor’s Old Barn Farm. It’s on its way to becoming a B&B. Please pay us a visit if you have the opportunity.

    EDIT: Please note that this was done by the people who own the tower, not them, haha.

  11. Officer for Original Environment Scotland: Whatever you undertake, make sure that any additions can be distinguished from the historic fabric.

    Architect Name:

    Officer for Historic Environment Scotland:

    Architect Name:

    Officer of Historic Environment Scotland: WTF, man?

  12. The entire amusing journey to this point was documented. You may see all of the variations that were rejected if you watch the entire episode. Starting at 12:50, the part discusses conversations with the local planning commission, which is similar to the NCC. They will reject ideas that are too tightly integrated for fear of confusing future generations!

  13. Repair Man, a Channel 4 TV programme, featured this tower “restoration.” In it, an architect named George Clarke visits people who are renovating historic buildings to live in. The majority of them are excellent restorations, but this person comes across as a complete moron with no discernible taste.

    The show is currently airing.

  14. You know, the more I look at this the more I don’t hate it.

    Sure, it could’ve been done more tastefully, but that probably would’ve been much more expensive, and what’s better – leaving it ruined and derelict like so many other old castles, or making it livable again?

  15. Given the predominance of low-cost vinyl siding in Ottawa, I’m just “glad” that the extension of the Chateau Laurier won’t be utilising it. Ottawa’s slogan, as I previously stated, should be “Meh: good enough.”

  16. To be fair, ‘listed buildings,’ such as these in the United Kingdom, which cannot be altered to varied degrees, frequently contain stipulations that any additions must be clearly separate from the original component. However, this explains nothing about the strange stepped roof.

  17. An inexpensive source of adequate stone vs. a weekend’s worth of labour… Oh, wait, with today’s wood prices, it probably cost the same.

    But yes that is so ugly.

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