B8 Beach House

October 13, 2010 Stylish Houses

The B8 House is located 270km north of Santiago, in an area characterized for strong winds that run through the pacific coast. One of the main goals was to expand the constructed area, without increasing the original budget assigned to the house, to the related activities and situations that would be developed considering the owners life style. In order to achieve this, an articulating interior patio was proposed with the same dimensions of the standard module that is used in the house entry. Read More

Beach Farm House

Designed by award winning architect Andrew Patterson, this stunning home on 600 acres of farmland is located on a spectacular hillside nestled between Bethells and Muriwai beaches on the dramatic west coast of Auckland. The 640 square metre property features an enclosed swimming pool and courtyard entertainment area that offers shelter from the elements. Read More

Piracicaba House

October 7, 2010 Modern Architecture

This is a getaway house erected in the city of Piracicaba, 250km away from São Paulo. It is intended to serve as a meeting point for a family whose members are scattered across various cities around the state. Not only did the position of the house take into account the sloping contour of the land, but also its orientation (North), as to provide the bedrooms and social areas with the best possible sunlight. The distribution on 3 floors arranged in perpendicular axes allows the land displacement to be overcome naturally, and makes the garden accessible from any floor. Read More

L House

September 30, 2010 Stylish Houses

The expressive volumetry emerged thanks to the special form of the plot and the requirement of the constructor to place a maximal volume on the plot. With the method of the hollowing out the room program and the sculptural building body became incorporated. Read More