Macquarie Bank headquarters

September 2, 2010 Modern Architecture

One Shelley Street is an effort to reframe the requirements and performance of the 21st Century office. On behalf of the Macquarie Group, Clive Wilkinson Architects implemented a radical, large-scale workplace design that leverages mobility, transparency, multiple tailor-made work settings, destination work plazas, follow-me technology, and carbon neutral systems. The result is part space station, part cathedral, and part vertical Greek village. Read More


Nnatural high-tech is the concept of this new modular, sustainable & transportable low-energy house. Designed by Werner Aisslinger and developed with a South Tyrolian team, the FINCUBE was created 1200m above sea level near Bozen in Northern Italy, with a brilliant view of the famous Dolomite mountains. The hideaway-innature nomadic housing concept is since recently exhibited as a prototype in Ritten, above Bozen. The FINCUBE is a materialized vision of a small housing unit with a long lifecycle. It can easily be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site, and even more important for nature hideaways: it requires minimum soil sealing – just 2 m that are easily renatured after the FINCUBE is moved to another location. Read More

Gamma Issa – Modern Casa of Book Lover

August 27, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

Gamma Issa is a modern casa in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to the climate it is very open, the transition between pool and house is almost transparent. Big sliding windows which serve as one wall of the house helps a lot with that. The exterior is painted in milky white so during the day the house is very shiny. The interior has a lot white objects too but its main feature is very big bookcases which occupy one wall on both floors. From the first sight it’s obviously that the owner is real book lover even though not all bookcases are full of books. There are a lot of modern furniture pieces around the house with comfortable lounge chairs what makes the house not only beautiful but also very comfy to seat near the sun and read an interesting book. Read More

Contemporary House in Shiny California

August 27, 2010 Stylish Houses

Evans Residence by bittonidesign studio is one of those houses that are located in shiny California hight above the city. Thanks to that it has amazing outdoor patios that feature amazing views. The house is a remodel of mid-century modern house into the truly contemporary building with a contemporary interior. Indoor/outdoor living is quite usual in this area but instead of being connected to the landscape it is more connected to the sky. Color theme of the house’s exterior is quite neutral while inside it features a pure white living area. This area is very light and airy because of large windows it features. Read More

Cedar-Clad House

August 27, 2010 Stylish Houses

Houses with breathtaking views are always romantic and serves as a great place for relaxation. This house is perched at the peak of Mt. Merino and features carefully framed views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains. Its occupies an area of 2200 square feet and is organized around a two-story interior garden court. Walls of the house are made of cedar so it blends very well with surroundings. As it spirals around an interior courtyard, this concrete path threads its way through a chain of indoor and outdoor spaces that take viewers from the loft-like living/dining level on the upper level, past a pool area sheltered by a dramatic canopy to a wood-clad den and outdoor dining room below. Read More