The Mash House

May 18, 2011 Stylish Houses

The original deep and dark, double-fronted Victorian house have been refurbishment by Andrew Maynard Architects to creates a functional living home that celebrates the backyard as a focal point. Called the Mash House, located in the suburban site of North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. This home is a sustainable exercise in modern house renovation, where the concept was driven by obtaining passive efficiency, via shrewd siting and orientation. High quality insulation, ample double-glazing and in-slab heating all combine to fullfil the young family yearned. Read More

The Nanjing Sifang Art Museum Architecture

May 17, 2011 Modern Architecture

The Nanjing Sifang Art Museum designed by Steven Holl Architects stands impressively near Nanjing in China. Embracing a concept initially conceived by ancient Chinese painters (that encouraged several perspectives within a painting as opposed to one fixed vanishing point) the designers explored shifting viewpoints with this structure. Read More

Modern minimalist Family Villa

May 5, 2011 Luxury Modern Homes

Glass and concrete are the main materials used by Architrend Architecture during the construction of this extraordinary house with its impressive exterior and nontraditional form. The project was called Villa T and realized in Sicily. Read More

Butler House

Nestled within the undulated roofline of one of Fitzroy’s famed MacRobertson warehouses, sits a roof terrace with a difference – complete with canopy and turf. This, the vertical and architectural pinnacle of the Butler House, fills the void that effects so many inner-city dwellings – a lack of outdoor space. Further to this, the warehouse apartment had a number of innate thermal and acoustic shortcomings – making it less-than-ideal for occupancy by a family with 2 rambunctious young boys. Balancing intimacy with privacy came to be a significant consideration for this young family and is achieved via shrewd adaptability of spaces. Read More