Private Dwellings In The Norwegian Woods

November 23, 2010 Stylish Houses

On a sheer river bank, amongst birch, aspen, pine and nature-sculpted boulders, lies Juvet, Europe’s first landscape hotel, conceived of by Knut Slinning. Located in Burtigard, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway and constructed by Jensen and Skoven Architects at first glance, the seven detached guest rooms seem modest and unassuming. But when you open the door and go in, it’s as if nature rushes in to greet you through the massive panoramic windows. You can almost feel the trees brushing against you, and the snow-white drops of spray from the river Valldøla on your face. Read More

Water Villa Omval

November 19, 2010 Modern Architecture

Dutch +31 architects recently completed ‘water villa omval’, which has a wide view over the amstel. The villa has two spacious floors and a roof terrace. the roof terrace was made possible by lowering the bedroom half a story. This also allowed for a logical transition from the ground floor to the basement. To provide daylight into the basement a large void has been made, which connects the two floors together. The light in the guest room, also located in the basement, is through a ‘cuckoo window’ positioned beneath the fireplace in the living room so there is no space lost.the split-level principle of the water villa is accentuated by the round design of the facade. Read More

Super Minimalist House Design

November 17, 2010 Modern Architecture

This Italian home architecture designed by Andrea Oliva from Cittaarchitettura is what we like to call “modern minimalist” at its best. This contemporary house design simple through and through, from its flat property to its straightforward rectangular shape, flat roofline and neutral white-and-grey palette that stands out starkly against the lush green backdrop. Two main elements define this countryside home design: a concrete and plaster front porch (which is a favorite outdoor entertaining area by summer) followed by the home’s main body. Windows provide a clean, contemporary facade to the structure while framing the pastoral vistas of the seemingly endless grassy ground. Read More